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Refresh, Focus, Commit and Press On


A year has passed and a new year begins. I am not one who dwells on making resolutions but when I did make resolutions I normally did not see them through.  Sometimes my dedication to keeping my resolutions was longer than expected, but usually they did not last a significant amount of time. I have finally given up and realized that making resolutions was not working for me.

I have learned to do something different, especially this year. I now review and reflect on the past year. I pause and take an internal inventory of myself and the life experiences encountered throughout the year. I accept what I have learned both positively and negatively and use what I have learned. I now view the emergence of a new year as a chance to refresh, recharge and commit to:

…. Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, and press on to reach the end of the race …..   Philippians 3:13-14

Press On

 Following this advice is hard but I will take the insights gained from my reflections of 2013 and utilize them to try and  “press on” and continue an ongoing process of renewal and growth as a learner, leader and servant.

As part of this renewal I have taken the opportunity to review Building Servant Hearts, its purpose and message. My son Michael posed a great question about writing and communicating. Michael asked,  “Would you rather have a small number of views on your website and transform the hearts and minds of people or have hundreds of views without any effect?  Michael’s question moved and urged me to refresh the look and the purpose of Building Servant Hearts. I now realize that it does not matter how many followers you have. It really is about whether your words and insights touch and influence others.

Fuel Your Focus

I confess that at the outset my goal was to get hundreds of followers, subscribers and readers. That was my main focus. But after a year of writing the blog and after this year’s reflection I have decided to change my focus. First, I am going to write about the things that fuel my writing; the sharing of personal stories and events that have had significance and influence in my life. Second, I will focus on writing about the things that are what Dr. Ken Robinson calls your Element; the intersection of what you are good at and what you like to do. For me, these are the themes of leadership, service, trust and community. Finally, I will not worry about the number of followers or subscribers but will focus on sharing words that hopefully will impact and break-free-corporate1-300x200influence.

So stay tuned as Building Servant Hearts moves into 2014 with a new focus and a new format.

Claudio Morelli

About Claudio Morelli

Maximizing the strengths and growth of individuals has always been my mission and passion. As a former Superintendent of Schools\CEO I have now transitioned into a season with a renewed mission. Initiating and fanning the flame of men who seriously wish to enhance their presence in the lives of their loved ones is my current passion. I have experienced a lifetime full of trials with much success, with some failures, and with many mistakes. Six decades of life has taught me that the investment and presence in building lasting relationships is critical to a lifetime of fulfillment.