Building Servant Hearts

Leading with Heart

Leadership Forged By Crucibles

I have always been passionate about learning from exemplary leaders, the leaders who have made significant contributions to their organizations, their families, and their communities. Much has been written about these outstanding leaders and the leadership characteristics that they displayed. Recently, I have been re-energized by reading about the extra ordinary leadership abilities of the […]

Men, Let’s Talk About Depression

Our mentorship group tackled a tough topic last week when we worked through the chapter on “Depression – Trapped in Anger “ in Rhett Smith’s book What It Means To Be A Man. We all felt uncomfortable with the title and focus of the chapter. The reaction was just as Smith predicted when he states, “Admitting we’re […]

“Here’s What?-So What?-Now What?” Three Questions For Renewal

Landed the CEO position. Perfect! Happily married. Congratulations! Just graduated. Good for you! Purchased a new home. Lucky you! Child on the way. Isn’t that great? Once each celebration is barely over, have you ever had the question pop up, “What’s next”?  And when it does, stress increases, anxiety level rises, focus comes off each celebration and […]