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Close to two years ago I took a leap of faith. A seed that was planted by a friend has resulted in roots been firmly planted and leaves beginning to flourish not only in me but in the men’s community group that I lead. Stepping out of my comfort zone to lead a men’s community group has been a fantastic learning and growth experience. Initially this leadership opportunity was risky and I was reluctant to take it on.break-free-corporate1-300x200

In my chosen profession as a senior educational leader I was called on a regular basis to lead groups, to present and to teach. It is what I was trained to do, what I learned to do and what I had to do. But leading a men’s community group where most of the members of the group really didn’t know one another and where honest sharing and vulnerability would be called upon was different than leading at work.

These are not things that men do freely and I was not sure if it would work. But through the urging of my friend and my family I moved forward and decided to give it a go. And I am so thankful that I listened for all of us in the group have contributed to the development of an authentic and close community where we talk openly and frankly. Perhaps the greatest benefit has been the realization that as men we all share similar fears, stresses and concerns. From the initial meeting where there were awkward pauses, cautiousness and uncomfortable silence we are now  a group of men genuinely sharing and all leading. It has been a noteworthy transformation. We have all undergone change and growth.

What stirred this change? It usually takes something to move someone from his or her comfort zone. Our group is not different. We have discovered that we were all driven to change by someone or some life event . We would also agree that it has been easier to do so with the support and encouragement from each other.

Currently, our group is studying a series called Reverse Engineering presented by Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado. The video lessons encourage men to build more positive relationships and develop a plan to become better men, husbands, fathers, friends and community members.

The work our group has done has caused me to reflect on my own plan for improving relationally and to change and reassess what plans I have in moving forward. It also has caused me to think about what a better husband, father, friend and community member might look like.

Something that I have come up with that helped me was the acronym M-A-P which encourages a three step plan to facilitate growth and change.

Step 1: Motivation (M)

  • Be honestly and genuinely motivated to change.
  • Having a strong desire and commitment to go deep and discover yourself results in sustainable and long-lasting change.
  • Answer the questions why do you want to change and what will that change look like.

Step 2: Assessment (A)

  • Undertake an honest inventory of where you are at currently in your relationships with your spouse, partner, children, with friends and at work.
  • Consider which relationships need improvement and which relationships you want to change.

Step 3: Plan (P)

  • List the steps and actions you need to take to do things differently and facilitate stronger relationships.
  • MAP a Plan for change and growth.

then_now_futureTaking a leap for change and growth has helped me and it has helped our group. It has focused us and hopefully it will focus you. The late Stephen Covey shared, “that it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in an activity trap, in the business of life, to work harder and harder at climbing the ladder of success only to discover it’s leaning against the wrong wall.” Take the time to MAP a Plan for Growth. It is never too late to lean your ladder against a wall consisting of strong and supportive relationships and community.

What wall is your ladder leaning against? Are there other steps you could add to facilitate growth?

Claudio Morelli

About Claudio Morelli

Maximizing the strengths and growth of individuals has always been my mission and passion. As a former Superintendent of Schools\CEO I have now transitioned into a season with a renewed mission. Initiating and fanning the flame of men who seriously wish to enhance their presence in the lives of their loved ones is my current passion. I have experienced a lifetime full of trials with much success, with some failures, and with many mistakes. Six decades of life has taught me that the investment and presence in building lasting relationships is critical to a lifetime of fulfillment.