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Best_of_LWG_150-150x149September’s Best of Lead With Giants includes my post When You Get Tapped On The Shoulder first seen here on Building Servant Hearts. I would encourage you to check out the Lead With Giants leadership community headed up by Dan Forbes. It is insightful, informative and challenging leadership community populated by outstanding leaders and thinkers. I am honoured to be one of many contributing “Giants”.

Click here Best of Lead With Giants  to read and learn some amazing leadership information.



Claudio Morelli

About Claudio Morelli

Maximizing the strengths and growth of individuals has always been my mission and passion. As a former Superintendent of Schools\CEO I have now transitioned into a season with a renewed mission. Initiating and fanning the flame of men who seriously wish to enhance their presence in the lives of their loved ones is my current passion. I have experienced a lifetime full of trials with much success, with some failures, and with many mistakes. Six decades of life has taught me that the investment and presence in building lasting relationships is critical to a lifetime of fulfillment.