Building Servant Hearts

Leading with Heart

Love Is ….. Action

When was the last time you thought about how to express your love in your community group, with a friend or with your family or spouse? Men especially seem to have difficultly talking about love and are uncomfortable with about how best to express their love. Perhaps, it is because we see love and the […]

The Definitive Shepherd Leader

I do not profess to have expertise in interpreting scripture but Jesus’ description of the gatekeeper of the flock in John 10: 1-14 resonated with me as a passionate student of leadership. Jesus underscores a number of qualities to describe how a noble and influential shepherd leads. By describing these leadership traits Jesus points our eyes […]

The Comparison Game Is Like “Chasing The Wind”

Recently I was with a group of fellows and we had a great discussion about what I will call the comparison game. This is the game that most guys play when they look around and compare what they do and what they have with other fellows of similar age. We talked about how easy it is to fall into […]